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What is Health

Recipe for Health: What is Health?

Most people equate the word health with “feeling good,” “having no symptoms” or “feeling no pain.” One of the most common ways the public discusses health is when they say something like, “Oh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me except for this cough,” or “I’m really okay on the whole. It’s just this pain in my leg that’s holding me back.”

One of the best definitions of health comes from Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. Health: A state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Two things immediately come to light from the above definition. One is that health is something positive, a beautiful state of well being of our whole being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. The second part of the definition tells us that merely being without pain, or feeling okay or without symptoms or disease is not at all what health is about.

Let’s stop viewing health as something that we lose when we get sick. Let’s begin to see health as something we can have all the time, as something that makes us truly ALIVE!

There is no greater investment than in our selves. So invest in your health and well being by getting eating whole foods, moving our bodies, drinking plenty of water and getting our spine checked and adjusted regularly. The difference in vitality, healing capacity, adaptation and recovery amongst families that receive regular Chiropractic care is night and day with the sample population. Their quality of life is superior as a whole, the need for medical interventions at a minimum if at all and the overall savings enormous.

Zone Healing can help you see what healing really is. It will help your whole body to function normally. By adjusting (gently stimulating the spinal cord) the chiropractor allows the correct signals freedom to travel up and down the spinal cord. The spinal adjustment acts as a “reboot” for the whole nervous system especially the associated Zone. As the body moves out of Fight or Flight then the person is free to RELAX and HEAL.

Dr. Balovich is located at The Zone Healing Center in either the Hybrid Training Center or Bushido MMA. For more answers or information call or write Dr. Balovich at 757.483.0177 or drbalovich@drbalovich.com or visit us at www.drbalovich.com.

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