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New Location same Love.

Hi Folks,

I wanted to put it out there that The Zone Healing Center has moved to a couple of new locations. On Mondays I will be located at Bushido Mixed Martial Arts in Portsmouth VA. Their address is 3050 High Street. I will be serving from 9am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm.

Our second location is 3636 Virginia Beach Blvd. in the Hybrid Training Center. We are right behind the Burger King at the corner of Rosemont and the Blvd. I will be serving on Tues and Thurs from 8am-12pm and 3pm till 6pm.

I am extremely excited to be associated with these amazing organizations. There are an abundance of students with great potential being guided by very qualified and experienced instructors.

Feel free to stop by during those hours to find out how we can help you live a Healthy Happy Abundant LIFE.

Yours in LIFE,
Dr. Nick Balovich
Zone Healing Center

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What is Health

Recipe for Health: What is Health?

Most people equate the word health with “feeling good,” “having no symptoms” or “feeling no pain.” One of the most common ways the public discusses health is when they say something like, “Oh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me except for this cough,” or “I’m really okay on the whole. It’s just this pain in my leg that’s holding me back.”

One of the best definitions of health comes from Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. Health: A state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Two things immediately come to light from the above definition. One is that health is something positive, a beautiful state of well being of our whole being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. The second part of the definition tells us that merely being without pain, or feeling okay or without symptoms or disease is not at all what health is about.

Let’s stop viewing health as something that we lose when we get sick. Let’s begin to see health as something we can have all the time, as something that makes us truly ALIVE!

There is no greater investment than in our selves. So invest in your health and well being by getting eating whole foods, moving our bodies, drinking plenty of water and getting our spine checked and adjusted regularly. The difference in vitality, healing capacity, adaptation and recovery amongst families that receive regular Chiropractic care is night and day with the sample population. Their quality of life is superior as a whole, the need for medical interventions at a minimum if at all and the overall savings enormous.

Zone Healing can help you see what healing really is. It will help your whole body to function normally. By adjusting (gently stimulating the spinal cord) the chiropractor allows the correct signals freedom to travel up and down the spinal cord. The spinal adjustment acts as a “reboot” for the whole nervous system especially the associated Zone. As the body moves out of Fight or Flight then the person is free to RELAX and HEAL.

Dr. Balovich is located at The Zone Healing Center in either the Hybrid Training Center or Bushido MMA. For more answers or information call or write Dr. Balovich at 757.483.0177 or drbalovich@drbalovich.com or visit us at www.drbalovich.com.

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RFH - Best exercise in the world

Recipe for Health

If you have not done so please visit Dr. Nicholas Balovich at www.drbalovich.com.

“Best exercise in the world”

We have hundreds of joints in our bodies “MOVE THEM.”

Why should we do any exercise anyway. Well moving your muscles also moves the blood and fluid throughout our bodies. This distributes nutrition to all the cells and carries the waste to the places in our body that gets rid of that stuff. Also maintaining our flexibility is really important for taking care of ourselves as we get older. Have you ever wondered why the older athletes seem to get injured more often that the younger ones. Well it’s a gradual loss of flexibility that happens if we don’t pay special attention to maintaining it. The long scientific answer deals with collagen production and would put everyone to sleep. The short answer is muscles and tendons need to be stretched regularly so they don’t stiffen up . As an athlete gets older there is a longer period of “warming up” to loosen all the joints. If you move your joints they will keep moving. If you do not move a joint eventually you will not be able move it.

What is the best exercise in the whole world? Well I don’t know about the rest of the world so we’ll concentrate on the U.S. In the seventies the running revolution hit the US. In the 80’s it was aerobics with Richard Simmons and the FIRM workout. The Nineties gave way to resistance training and machine cardio. The new millennium has gone back in time to yoga and Pilates. Even though there is a change ever so many years (we could document the passage of time by the exercise equipment we remember) people still gravitate to what they like. We still have runners running and they can be healthy. People still do aerobics, now with balls and hand weights and they are healthy. There are those who love to pump iron and spin and if done correctly they are healthy. It also works that we have moved back to bodyweight exercises such as Pilates and yoga (with or without the extra heat.) SO WHAT IS THE BEST ONE?!?!?!?!?

The answer is really simple. The best exercise is the one you enjoy and will do regularly. The most important element is consistency. Going to the gym or running once a month for 2 hours won’t help you a bit. An effective schedule would be some activity twenty or more min a day for three to five days a week. So if you enjoy an exercise and will do it regularly and it challenges you then you have found the perfect workout for you. By the way challenging doesn’t mean it would push Lance Armstrong. If you break a sweat and breath deeply during your activity then that’s perfect. Life is a journey so you will feel compelled to change up your activities or background. Ex. If you walk on a treadmill all the time then sometimes you can walk around the neighborhood for a change of scenery. Also if you start walking 10 min a day then after a week or so you can walk for 15 min till you are comfortable adding more time. So should you move till you drop??? Um no that would just a bit counter productive. The best rule is “move everything that will move until you are tired then STOP.”

Dr. Nick Balovich – Zone Healing Center

To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions contact:

Dr. Nicholas Balovich

drbalovich@drbalovich.com or visit us on the web at www.drbalovich.com

RFH - Give your Stomach a workout.

Recipe for Health

If you have not done so please visit Dr. Nicholas Balovich at www.drbalovich.com.

“Give your Stomach a workout.”

So what is the one thing we can do to make our eating habits healthier?

Whatever “diet” we choose we can get the most nutritious food possible. The best way to accomplish this is to get foods as close to their original form as possible. Every time a food is cooked or tampered with it loses some portion of its nutritional value (vitamins and minerals.) Ex. Broccoli that comes out of a can of soup is wayyyyyyy less nutrient dense than a head of broccoli. Just to get to the can the broccoli was cooked then it was mixed with other stuff and cooked again. Then the “mixture” was put through a preserving process so that the end result has calories but really doesn’t stoke your digestive fire. The following example would be considered a “dead” food with little of its original vitality. “Live” foods come unchanged from nature and are as fresh as possible. Ex. These would be, apples, nuts, grapes, carrots, celery, spinach, pears, zucchini etc, Right out of the ground or off a tree. Our bodies have not changed the way they absorb food in thousands of years. As we have developed new technology we begun to cook, preserve and tamper with food destroying much of its original nutritive value. This processed food takes less effort to digest and actually weakens our digestive “muscles.” To maintain a strong vital digestion we need to eat foods that are not easily digested. It’s the same way we build or maintain our muscle tone. The old adage is “you are what you eat” but this can be improved to “you are what you absorb.” Nourishment comes from what can be absorbed from the food we eat. If our digestion has become weak from consuming processed foods then even when we eat good vital foods we are unable to break them down. That can be accompanied by gas. By the way that gas is a signal that our bodies are trying to get back into shape. It’s a lot like being sore after working out so don’t let it alarm you. Remember that malnutrition is not just underfed. There are many overweight people who don’t get the nourishment they need so they are driven to consume far too many calories in an attempt to obtain them.

Special Tips:

  1. Most people eat too much starchy foods. These “Comfort” foods clog the system making it difficult to eliminate wastes from the system.
  2. Meat is considered an acid forming food. Consuming lots of meat and other proteins will raise the overall level of the body’s acidity and has been linked to gout (esp. red meat) and joint problems.
  3. Water used to cook vegetables should not be thrown away as it contains vital minerals. It can be useful if drunk as soup.
  4. Do not eat just to eat. If you are not hungry come mealtime then eat lightly to stimulate your appetite for your next meal.
  5. If you are looking to gain weight then plan to sleep directly after a meal. If you do not want to gain weight then plan to stop eating 2 hours or more before bedtime.
  6. A great Idea is to replace much of the starch “bread, pasta, cookies and cakes” with fruits and raw veggies.

Dr. Nick Balovich – East Coast Clinic of Chiropractic

To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions contact:

Dr. Nicholas Balovich

Zone Healing Center


or visit us on the web at www.drbalovich.com

RFH - Cool Drink of Water

Recipe for Health

If you have not done so visit Dr. Nicholas Balovich at www.drbalovich.com

“Cool Drink of Water”

This summer is a scorcher. Shade and a cool drink seemed mandatory just survive. Actually your survival does depend on you drinking water. Water is that important to you staying alive.

Did you know that you’re made up of 70-80% waster? In fact water is really important not just to keep us from shriveling up like a raisin but to keep the fluids in our bodies flowing freely. Dr. Chopra compared the body to a river which paints a clear picture of how we need to work with our bodies to achieve health. So can you clean a river by dumping lots of stuff into it? Nope… you need to put only what it needs and let the waste wash out all on its own. Also if you stop water from running into the river it dries up. So let’s think about a puddle after a rainstorm. At first it’s clear and clean with plenty of water. After it begins to dry then the mud begins to cloud the water and eventually it gets thick and dirty. If we fail to put water into our bodies the same thing happens to us. We get cracks in our skin and it starts to look all dry and withered. Pretty much the healthy flush of our skin is turning to mud. The body does this to protect the water we have for what it thinks are more important things like pumping blood, elimination of waste, breathing and other really important functions. The folks in the know say you need half of your bodyweight in Oz. per day and that’s if you are NOT ACTIVE! That’s right, NOT ACTIVE. If you increase activity go right ahead and bump up your intake to at least your bodyweight in Oz. Think about it you go out and cut the lawn and come back 4-8 pounds lighter. That’s all water weight you’ve just sweated out. Eight pounds is a gallon of water. I’ll say it another way, a gallon of water weighs eight pounds. If you are a athlete you can lose 15-20 pounds during your workouts (especially wrestlers whose favorite way to cut weight is by dumping water). So these athletes are really drying out their bodies. Here’s the rub. If you sweat out a gallon of water then you need to put it back, plus all the water you need for your normal activities (the whole pumping blood and eliminating waste thing). We use water to eliminate waste products from our bodies. So without water all that mud from the dried up puddle just clogs up the works. We normally sweat just to keep our skin moist, when we fog up glass with our breath that’s water coming out of our lungs, urination is a no brainier and for a bowel movement water is critical. So what’s the best source of water? Well its water. Everything that you put into the water, tea, coffee, soda and even sports drinks changes the property of the water you’re drinking. For you parents, a Popsicle is cool and kids like them but they are NOT a great source of water. It takes water to digest the sugary syrup and more yet to warm up the stuff so we can absorb it. I can hear you groaning but yes room temperature water is absorbed better than cold water. So make it a habit to ask for water and get your kids to drink water. We all need to drink water and keep the river flowing.

Dr. Nick Balovich – East Coast Clinic of Chiropractic

if you have any questions contact:

Dr. Nicholas Balovich

Zone Healing Center

drbalovich@drbalovich.com or visit us on the web at www.drbalovich.com

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Zone What????

Zone Healing, the amazing healing method used by many top MMA and BJJ fighters.

Zone Healing is a very powerful form a healing that is done by about a dozen doctors world wide. I have been fortunate to have been instructed in this form of healing.

Zone Healing was brought to the world in 1931 by a chiropractor from Texas named Dr. Thurman Fleet. Dr. Fleet taught the following: "There are ONLY SIX kinds of disturbances that can affect the human body. These are GLANDULAR, ELIMINATIVE, NERVOUS, DIGESTIVE, MUSCULAR, and CIRCULATORY. All diseased conditions, aches and pains, and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to one or more of the above disturbances to the body’s 6 Systems or Zones." Zone disturbances can be caused by emotional, chemical, and/or physical stress.

Diagnosis has always been very inaccurate. In fact, C. Everett Koop, the former Surgeon General of the US, said that approximately 70% of all medical diagnosis done in this country are in error. According to Dr. Fleet, Zone Healing offers a process that eliminates the inaccuracy of diagnosis by enabling the patient to know exactly what is happening in their body.

Dr. Fleet taught that the human brain is composed of many centers: There is a center which controls the glands of the body, a center which is associated with the organs of elimination, a center which regulates the central nervous system. The digestive organs are regulated by a brain center. In the motor cortex of the brain we find a center which controls all of the muscles of the body, and there is also a center which regulates the flow of fluids (circulation) through the body.

As the body may be properly classified as an ELECTRICAL MACHINE, these 6 brain centers represent the POSITIVE POLE of the body, and specific related points in the spinal cord represent the NEGATIVE POLE of the body. The patient is examined in order to determine which of the brain centers are not in harmony with the systems they control. This is done by feeling specific points on the back of your head. These points are related to the six brain centers by nerve connections. When a brain center is not sending the proper signals to its system, all bodily material associated with that system suffers. In order to correct this, specific points in the spinal cord are stimulated. There are six sets of four points in the spinal cord (negative pole) that are related to the six brain centers (positive pole). Stimulation of the proper points sends healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain centers that need balancing. The balanced brain centers are then able to send out the proper signals to the body’s systems and the body is better able to heal itself.

Performance and Safety are very important to the longevity of a fighters career and the continued quality of life after it ends. Many fighters consult a chiropractor to help them deal with neck, back and other injuries, this is only a very very small part of what Zone Healing is all about. Fighters should come in to heal from injuries but to balance every cell in their bodies so that they can function at 100%.

To learn more about Zone Healing visit Dr. Pete's site at www.goldmanhealing.com or Dr. Nick's site at www.drbalovich.com

Your's in health

Dr. Nick Balovich

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Journey of 10000 miles....

In the information age this appears to be the accepted standard for sharing thoughts. I'm an email traditionalist from way back and have only just begun to IM much less Blog. Everything begins with a step and this post will be my initial foray into this world.

I have a friend who has attended blogging conventions so I'll have to contact her for some pointers. This week she's in San Fransisco on her honeymoon so I suppose it'll wait :)

The central theme of this blog will be about healing. Healing is a simple topic that covers eons of practice. There are millions of techniques and thoughts on the how but they are superseded by the why and in the why is the real answer.